As Wealth Managers we help clients design their portfolios using stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and a variety of alternative investment products.  We charge an asset-based fee only, allowing us to serve clients without selling any propriety products or charging commissions on investment transactions.  We do not put people into a generic portfolio.  Our goal is to establish a clear understanding of goals and risk tolerance in order to create an investment portfolio that makes sense for each individual client and family.



As an included service and part of our Wealth Management strategy, we provide analysis and consulting on the full view of a client's financial picture.  It is short-sighted to only address investments and ignore other major portions of a client's financial well-being.  Our choice to include planning services as part of our Wealth Management services with no additional fees is based in our belief that long-term asset growth is broader than simply investing in the market and that our clients will thrive as we address their entire financial outlook.  



As an Independent agent in Washington State, Oregon, and California, we can compare and customize a policy from a wide variety of insurance companies. We can offer customization and education on the following types of insurance from an excellent range of providers:

  • Whole Life

  • Term Life

  • Indexed Universal Life

  • Disability

  • Long-Term Care

  • Hybrid Long-Term Care

  • Fixed Indexed Annuity

  • Straight Fixed Annuity