About Us

 After observing the challenges colleagues were having understanding their investment options as public school employees, David Hackett started helping his fellow teachers invest in the early 1980s. Dave continued to grow his financial advisory practice over the last thirty-five years with a reputation as a thoughtful investor and a no nonsense financial adviser. David's son, Cameron Hackett joined full-time in 2014 as a partner in the firm with expertise in the non-profit and ministry worlds.  This father-son team works well together and continues to bring excellent service to a small clientele of savvy investors and life-long savers.  


cameron hackett

I truly enjoy the experience of sitting down with a family and helping them come up with a long-term plan for saving and investing while educating along the way.  I am proud of the work that we do, and proud of the services that we offer.  I will be pleased to meet with you and describe the services we offer, how much they cost, and hear your story and investment goals.  We hope we can be helpful to you in your financial planning and wealth management needs.

Contact:  Cameron@Hackettadvisory.com




david hackett

After thirty years of investing, I have seen many ups and downs. My goal is to help clients keep things as simple as possible, especially in the retirement years. I am always direct about investment risks and potential, and about the challenges of complicated family dynamics in estate planning and asset management. Our business model is to manage assets with a fee-only charge and consult on the rest of the financial picture as an added benefit of our money management.  Feel free to contact Cameron or myself to setup a free consultation.       

Contact: David@Hackettadvisory.com